SS100 as SUPER SPORT and 100 as 100 miles/h

The SS100 is the iconic model. It has served as the basis for such exceptional models as the Sand Racer Pendine and the SS100 Alpine Grand Sport.
In terms of innovation, Georges Brough has switched from Geneva'sMAG engines to the 998 cc JAP engines, produced especially
for his machines. The cycle piece fully brazed and not bolted as on some competing machines, and a fork manufactured
under Harley-Davidson license by Castel Forks, a company owned by G. Brough and H. Karslake, are other notable points.

Each SS100 is then sold with a certificate attesting to its guaranteed speed. Each model is assembled once, tested for its performance,
then dismantled to receive the five layers of enamel and nickel plating on copper and fine gold thread.

With the SS100, G. Brough has created machines that are as beautiful to look at as they are wonderful to drive.

More Informations: Brochure-SS100

Fotos: BENZINKOPF - Stefan Pfeiffenberger